The Cadence

The Cadence: A Worldwide Worship Ministry made up of Skilled Minister/Musicians with a heart after God!

This extensive group of musicians come together from various locations on the planet, and happen to have a list of things that are in common... they are skilled in their perspective fields, love God, People, and Music, and willingly obey the word of God to, "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature..."

The Benefits: Worship Concerts, Services, and Outreach events, as well as Conferences filled with preaching, teaching, training, and all out celebration for churches all over the world who desire to further their knowledge and enhance the worship experience for their perspective congregations.

The Challenge: Each of these musician/ministers must provide for their own travel and lodging, so time and money are our biggest hurdles to overcome.

The willingness to take on these challenges is what makes "The Cadence" different from so many... we're not just musicians, we're "Musicianaries!"